What are your business needs?

  • Streamline pricing systems to ensure you achieve the right margins and save time pricing?
  • Improved cash flow and profits to reduce debt and for investment?
  • To reduce rework, mistakes and improve productivity?
  • Proven sales processes to convert more quotes and eliminate time wasters?
  • A marketing plan that targets your core customers and give your constant work flow?
  • A hiring/selection process that attracts the right cultural FIT and skills to match key roles?
  • Being able to take time out and know that things will be okay?

Here at Rise we review and help implement the 4 Cornerstones that encourage businesses to the next level through its people & systems.

What results clients get from having and working a clear growth plan…

Husband & wife team grows people culture, client partnerships and business value

The Results
Sales Up 48.9%
Gross Profit Up 53.7%
Net Profit Up 52.8%

Husband & wife team with a clear focus on increase business value develops management structures with core systems

The Results
Sales Up 16.6%
Gross Profit Up 18%
Net Profit Up 27%

From home security to village solutions and now overseas banks, hotels & resorts

The Results
Sales Up 13.8%
Gross Profit Up 43%
Net Profit Up 19.8%

The strength is in the backend team and process for scaling profit centres. Diversification into non-council activities will provide long-term value and improved cash flows.

The Results
Sales -18%
Gross Profit Up 43%
Net Profit Up 80%

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