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Here are what some of our recent clients have to say about Rise Advisory services

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Abderry Equine Services

Before we started working together, I was very enthusiastic but not quite sure how to get the company up to the next level of profitability and I certainly had no idea how to get there

Now, we have a new team, a vision, a defined culture, and the tools available to really grow the business. We have had significant improvements in most areas of our business with a revenue increase of 23%. In addition, I am finally using my time more productively, and the team is more focused!
Cheski Brown, Abderry Equine Services Ltd
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Ace Landscapes

Winners of "Business of the Year 2008" and "Marketing Award of the Year 2008"

This business owner is now achieving big business goals consistently. At the heart of this success is a strong team as well as internal and external systems in place and with happy staff came happy customers that Rise Advisory have helped him build. In 2009 sales grew by $726,690, and profit margins increased with net profit up by $187,620. Different marketing campaigns and measured results provide varied revenue sources and year-round profits.
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Brown Drainage

After engaging Jerome Jacobs Brown Drainage made a profit of $1.8 million in just 15 months

This was achieved by significantly improved profit margins. With some solid business systems in place the business owners have been able to concentrate on family and property investment. Winners of "Business of the Year 2006" and "Best Financials 2006" Brown Drainage has managed to stay on track with Jerome's invaluable point of view.
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Concrete Specialists NZ

John and Dale Gamble more than double their profits in the construction trade and make more space at home

Read what Dale has to say about Jerome Jacobs and how he has helped their business since 2014

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Height Access Technology

A company with strong bones and growth with right team is making traction in all business activities.

Owner Adrian van den Bemd first took on the services of Rise Advisory mid 2010 with the full intention around Sales growth by focusing profit margins by reviewing all quoted work through back costing. This had a purpose to work out the gross profit for new sales team member which become a successful recruitment process with the help of Rise Advisory’s experience. Then the focus become to move into a bigger building for similar cost (and this worked well for changing for product being stored for clients). Recruitment of more production team with the right attitude and skill became apparent and now implementing a workflow system
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Jon King Electrical

When the business owner started working with Rise Advisory he didn't really have much focus

The business owner had no direction - now the company operates with goals in place and is achieving them! Sales increased by $103,431 in just 6 months - and gross profit grew from 20% to 48%! Growth has been sustained and consistent for 2 years straight
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Kelvin Armstrong Auto Repairs

Rise Advisory Testimonial From Kelvin Armstrong Auto Repairs

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Todd Farrow, Director - NeoBuild

A few years I was subcontracting labour only with a small team

Together with Jerome we branded the company with our uniqueness and started systemizing and marketing towards our own contracts. We then started to attract team through different sources and focused on growth through gross profit and bottom line while streamlining our job management program. We have now doubled our turnover with a healthy bottom line and continue to increase our pipeline with ideal customers and the right fit for our team. Todd Farrow, Director - NeoBuild
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PlumBuilt Plumbing Services

Husband and wife team working in the plumbing industry have just recorded their most successful year ever.

Only two years after starting to work with Jerome, their business is completely different.  Working with Jerome has enabled them to radically improve their business and their lifestyle by employing more qualified plumbers allowing the husband to get off the tools so he could manage the business.  This resulted in the 2016 turnover being more than double their previous year.

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Property Wise

Rise Advisory Testimonial from Property Wise

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Have a Quick Look at What You Will Learn When You Attend The ProfitRISER Workshop

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The Rise Team's enthusiasm is outstanding

The Rise Team's knowledge is excellent and ability to know just what we need to work on next is uncanny. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to any business and recommend them as an awesome advisers."
Nigel Smith, Transformer Ltd
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Versatile Buildings - Franklin

In three years saw the business grow steadily to a $3,000,000.00 annual turnover.

"In three years saw the business grow steadily to a $3,000,000.00 annual turnover. The Rise team's enthusiasm is infectious and I consider them to be an asset to any business who is struggling or simply wanting to "do it better".
Dave & Bridget Sutton, Versatile Buildings Franklin