Stephen Painter

Stephen has had 20 years experience in the corporate world specialising mainly in sales and marketing

Stephen has been involved working in varied senior management positions within large multi- nationals as well as smaller locally based companies.
Some of these industries included Coffee wholesaling, Supermarketing and Tobacco.

Through this experience Stephen has gained significant knowledge and understandings of how companies function and the processes and systems that they use. This has also enabled Stephen to realise that the systems and processes used in large companies are equally as applicable in small companies, although they seem to be rarely used.

In fact these principles are neither “magical or mystical” but are indeed very simple and can easily be adopted by smaller business to better help them cope and excel in their normal daily operations.

Stephen is Tertiary qualified in Business Management and is very active in developing himself personally as well as professionally to reach his full potential.

Stephen lives in Auckland with his wife Michelle and two children (Matthew & Katie) and enjoys playing golf, all be it poorly, when the opportunity arises.

Stephen truly believes in the idea that the business exists to support the owner and should above all be “fun” so give him a call 027 474 3877 or email him direct