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Leverage - time to get your time back

The concept of leverage has been around forever. When looking at leverage within a business, we consider the business as usual activities, the day to day logistics and the long term profitability with the key leverage areas being:
• People
• Systems
• Finance
• Marketing

Business development is an interesting area for leverage since it’s mostly considered as focused around innovation of the companies service or product provision and how it could be streamlined or potentially merged with other processes for better outputs.

How the business owner views leverage opportunities will ultimately determine how leverage can add value to the business either by having the right person doing the right thing at the right time, getting time back through process efficiency, investing in innovation to reduce resource waste or investing less in customer cost while increasing customer retention.

A word of caution - business owners need to be careful of the technology trap … just because it can be automated does not mean the output will be better than having a person do the task.

Let us make this easy for you ... Here at Rise, we have put together a framework that will connect with your growth strategy and business functions to leverage how you deliver on the key areas that matter. 

Take the first step by leveraging your time with a 15 min Strategy Call to recognise the potential leverage opportunities in your business … contact Jerome today 0800 747 323.