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Imagine if you are taking the family on driving holiday to a part of the country you’ve never been to before.  You all get in the car, set off and after an hour’s driving, your partners asks if you know where you are going. That can be a difficult question but if you say, trust me, we’ll get there, that might keep them quiet.
An hour later, the children are getting restless, your spouse is asking again, you are getting frazzled because you don’t really know.  Hmm, the stress starts to build.
Come lunchtime, the family is starting to get annoyed, arguments start and tensions build. Your family is becoming unsure about your capabilities and losing faith in you.
Your business is just the same.
If you don’t have a clear plan or direction to take your business and your staff, just like the family above, will lose confidence in you. There will be in-fighting and the business will suffer.