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Imagine if you are taking the family on driving holiday to a part of the country you’ve never been to before.  You all get in the car, set off and after an hour’s driving, your partners asks if you know where you are going. That can be a difficult question but if you say, trust me, we’ll get there, that might keep them quiet.
An hour later, the children are getting restless, your spouse is asking again, you are getting frazzled because you don’t really know.  Hmm, the stress starts to build.
Come lunchtime, the family is starting to get annoyed, arguments start and tensions build. Your family is becoming unsure about your capabilities and losing faith in you.
Your business is just the same.
If you don’t have a clear plan or direction to take your business and your staff, just like the family above, will lose confidence in you. There will be in-fighting and the business will suffer.



STEP #1 - Money makes the world go round, Let’s make sure you have enough cash to carry you through the next six months ahead. As we all know that cash in the bank takes the pressure off, gives you money to pay your bills, and room to deal with anything else unexpected. Read More...


From leading in a crisis to business development, considering all that happens daily, weekly, monthly and yearly in your business, business owners always need to be clear on the direction they are going in (a planned road trip is important to the people on the bus, no matter what the circumstances), especially as the leader behind the wheel.

Taking ownership, by consistently managing/minimizing the fuel leakage in the way profits by knowing exactly what your dash board/gauges are feeding back to you eg. wastage/productivity etc.

This can be improved by having standard operating procedures with accurate data that allows for informed decision making, given confidence and adding real business value. However, this is short lived if you are not relentless in choosing your crew, those on board to support the direction the owner driver has chosen. Time and distance means that you have the best people to go the distance knowing that they have both abilities/capabilities make it happen.

As a business driver, having your hands on the steering wheel,

  • Do you have a clear road map that your crew engages in?
  • Do you have the skills needed to go the distance or will you need some upskilling and make the journey more pleasant for those onboard?
  • Do you understand what your business gauges are telling you?
  • What about your crew, are they confident and trust goes both ways to make effective decisions that best suits the business road map?

Just some questions of importance to a better journey, planning for progress is a way forward and I am here to help review/structure a plan together as we move into the new financial year..

As a business owner, how well will you finish this financial year, being 31 March 2021? 

I totally understand the challenges 2020 has created for most companies and that managing directors had to navigate people and financial situations like never before.

Planning for 2021 and beyond, what does your business need from you most and why? Remember, having controls in place always provides significant value for business growth and success.

Some points to consider at this moment in time,

  • Do you have SOP's (standard operating procedures in place that allows for consistency and measurable results in all the right seats?
  • With your people, do you have effective reviews in place that allows for career aspirations and links in with your business plans?
  • How clean is your balance sheet with stock, assets and do you have good working capital?
  • Does your procing function need review?
  • What about you're cost/profit centers, have you reviewed your suppliers/contractors and alliance partner rates?
  • Loose agreements, since the last thing you need is distraction (minimize your risk).
  • As a business owner, what specifically must your time be focused on?????

The list goes on, however it best to think from a place of what to stop, keep and start doing in order to achieve your goals.

Our intention is to review your current and future goals with you and your team, then together working through the key objectives and be clear on implementing for measured results. Since we are here to help decision makers get in control of their business growth and success. Read More...

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