Do You Know Your Opportunity Cost?

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22 July 2015

As business owners and leaders we are care-takers of time, resources and the abilities that have been given to us. We need to constantly review how areas of business can be managed to ensure we are investing rather than spending.

It is vital we know the true value of investing in the right team, right clients, right suppliers and right timing when taking on new initiatives within the business. If we jump into change without measuring the cost of this and other opportunities, how will we know the true cost of that decision if it goes right or if it goes wrong?

Read this interesting article from for some tips on reducing that opportunity cost.


Auckland Business Advisor speaks about opportunity cost

What is your opportunity cost?

A wise business owner will investigate the alternative opportunities and not let the first choice be the only choice. So before you step into that next aspect of change in your business invest some time with Auckland Business Advisor Jerome Jacobs to ensure there is a win and not a cost to your business.

Contact Jerome today 0800 747 323 for an assessment of your ‘opportunity cost’ and he will show you ways that make sense but will save you dollars!



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