Couples in business experience many ups and downs.  The biggest challenge with working with your life partner is you care too much for each other!!  In a marriage this is wonderful but in a business this can result in strained emotions, decisions that may not be the best for the business and 'baggage' being taken home to disrupt the home-life.

If you are thinking of going into business with a family member or your life partner you need to set some ground rules first.  You also need to consider what the leadership dynamic may be at work verses in the home, how you will deal with conflicting opinions and develop techniques that ensure you can all leave the business baggage at work when it is time to become family again at the end of the day. 

There are lots of husband and wife teams working long hours in trade businesses. Plumbers, builders, electricians, you name it there are hard-working couples in every trade sector ... read the rest of this article in NZ Plumbers June / July 2017 where Jerome Jacobs gives advice on how husband and wife tradie teams can increase their profits and enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.

Also check out this video and meet Ken who runs a trade business with his partner and how a coach made a difference in their world.

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