NZ's #1 Trusted Business Advisory Company impacting positive Business Growth 

Core Purpose

Building a prosperous and healthy community by improving the performance of businesses in New Zealand


The Trusted team at Rise Advisory uses proven cornerstones that provide solutions in the PEOPLE, STRATEGY, EXECUTION, and CASH results for business owners. This is driven by the all-important VISION for open minded business leader that want to grow.

We are a Business Advisory Company that “grows businesses “successfully. Our clear intention is to have a solid connection / relationship with business owners wanting success from proven systems, from top thought leaders distilled for NZ business success, driving both growth and freedom in their businesses. This shift will bring certainty to businesses as they grow from 500K to 5 Million and beyond. We grow consistently through strong referrals from existing clients and by providing value to our strategic partners that grows both businesses. We are very clear about modelling success and thus transforming NZ’s economy powerfully today and moving into the future.

Core Values

Integrity, Accountability, Customers Success, Empowering Communication, System Solution Focused and Innovation with creative fun. Hypocrisy certainly has no room at Rise Advisory, which is why we have these values and live by them - unfailingly. Our business advisory team fully realises the importance of upholding morals and maintaining their priority at the forefront, as both clients and business associates alike expect such consistency in business dealings.
Our business advisors conduct themselves and their communication with integrity; and understand that all good business relationships are founded upon trust and maintained by being punctual, acting with excellence consistently, giving good advice, and following through until the job is complete and as promised.

The business advisors at Rise Advisory agree to be accountable to each other, our customers, and our community; and understand that others count on us to be consistent and to give our best efforts at all times.

Customer Success

Rise Advisory advisors speak positively, gratefully, abundantly and passionately about others and about their work; and understand that language and attitudes have infinite power and influence over our lives and results, and those of others.

Rise Business advisors augment their performance and their customers' performance by focusing on the continuous improvement of business systems; and understand that the source of business problems will always be found in the systems of business.

Our team of business advisors enjoy their work and this is portrayed in the way they do their business with each other, and others; and understand that innovation, creativity and fun are necessary elements in our business.  Our organisational and personal goals are important to us and our community so we promise to do our best to sustain what we do and keep our business alive and growing.


Meet the Team

To do that we have a great team powering this vision for your business.

Jerome Jacobs

After working a number of years as a business coach for a world wide coaching franchise, Jerome developed his passion for helping people to achieve their life and business goals.

Tina Bogaard

Discover How YOU Can Turbo-charge Your Income from Your Own Business ... Even If You Have A Really Hard Time Believing It's Actually A True Possibility for You...

Sue Piggin

Sue is our specialist telemarketing coordinator managing the appointment setting and workshop bookings process for our Team.

Linda Jacobs

A business does not function without a strong backend operation, at Rise we have an extreamly competent and efficient manager in Linda